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Skyline Studio

What was once a photographer's studio has been transformed to an architect's office and has as its centerpiece a large, cascading skylight to fill the open-trussed main space with natural light. In many cases a photographer's studio offers features that are unique; and if treated creatively, they can be transformed for other uses. The most prominent one here is the cyclorama; it has inside radius-corner curves to form a limitless horizon shell and is now treated as a sculptural shape. Floating in front are homosote panels for display. These form a series of screens that subtly subdivide the main space. The passage from the elevator to the main space takes you through a variety of environments; you climb an ornate skylit stair to an entry vestibule which faces the Empire State Building, then into an entry hallway with a kitchen off one side and a private office on the other. These spaces are small (the office has a low ceiling and raised floor) and all overlook the main space.