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Project: Greenport Waterfront
Park Design Competition
Location: Greenport
Long Island, New York

Greenport Waterfront Park
In this proposal for the village of Greenport's waterfront, pathways and vantage points provide vistas to engage people as the wander though the waterside park. From serpentine walkways to the roof-top observation deck one can seek out a particular view-point. A lantern atop the carousel pavilion acts as a beacon, a vantage point for ferry passengers and mariners seeking port. Walking along nearby Front Street, one can glimpse the port through the park, or pass several shops, entrance ramps, benches and screen walls which provide street facade continuity. Architectonic / landscape progressions assimilate and connect the park to the surrounding context. From east to west the park progresses from geometric configurations and structures to a reflecting pool that divides the park to the curvilinear landscape of paths, grass, trees, benches, and sculptures.

Greenport Waterfront Park
57 E. 11th Street/ Suite 8B/ New York/ NY/ 10003