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Philip TusaThe New York City-based firm of Philip Tusa Architect is a full-service architecture and interior design practice, distinguished by the diversity of its work and the constancy of its vision. Founded in 1974 (as Philip Tusa Design), Philip Tusa Architect has been responsible for projects ranging from residences to restaurants and retail spaces, offices, and artists' studios, as well as a variety of parks and related environmental designs. Though the firm's clients are equally varied, all share a deep appreciation for bold and imaginative design, often realized with limited means.

In response to the challenges of the clients' aesthetic and practical objectives -- not least a demanding program at apparent odds with the available space and existing conditions -- Philip Tusa Architects frequently employs simple materials, transformed by the thoughtful use of color, detailing, and light, to reshape interiors and create a sequence of spatial experiences. The success of that approach is especially evident in those projects where multiple functions -- home and office, design studio and art gallery, showroom and workspace -- are comfortably accommodated in a limited space.

The firm begins all its assignments with a rigorous analysis of the client's needs, wishes, and identity, combined with an assessment of the architectural potential of the interior. Pragmatic and programmatic considerations are subjected to the scrutiny of an artistic sensibility, and while working drawings are completed in CAD, the use of drawings, sketches, and models during schematic design enables designer and client alike to better envision the emerging aesthetic and practical results.

The work of Philip Tusa Architect has been represented in such publications as Interior Design, Interiors, New York Magazine, and New York Construction News, and was selected for inclusion in the books High Tech and The Apartment Book.